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Dr. Nirmal Atri


Dear Students, Government College for Women, Karnal has made tremendous progress on all fronts, be it education, research, sports, co- curricular or outreach activities during its journey of 22 years. It gives me immense pleasure that all the girl students of this institute are groomed in such a way that makes them physically, mentally and intellectually strong with sound knowledge and skills along with deep societal concern with human touch and strong moral, emotional and spiritual quotient fostering their all round holistic development. Our institution is dedicated to develop in each girl the ability, skills and passion to work honestly, intelligently, creatively and effectively for the betterment of the society. Our students are trained to face the challenges and overcome the limitations that enable them to plan and execute new strategies to have desired results and face boldly the present as well as future challenges. G.C.W, Karnal aims to provide all kinds of support to the girls stimulating their creative thinking and leadership traits. They are provided plethora of platforms to contribute and learn life skills such as co-operation, empathy, logical and rational decision-making. I wish and hope that all our students crown the top of the ladder of success in every field and bring laurels to the nation flying with the wings of education. We look forward to prepare a force of educated girls adorned with social, moral and ethical values along with basic human traits. We are dedicated to make our students aspiring and promising women enabling them to make informed decisions on their path to academic success and excellence.